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Version, Datum Download Info    
V. 0.2.5, 14.03.2007 nfbdecode.exe, nfbdecode.zip
  • NEW: Support old nfb format Version 2

V. 0.2.4a, 30.01.2007  
  • Fix: VCF correction
V. 0.2.4, 20.01.2007



  • NEW: Requested folders are created. Files are now stored in their by backup requested folders
  • NEW: filetype VCF is now supported.
V. 0.2.3, 15.01.2007  
  • Fix: Memory usage
  • Fix: Performance on backup files > 30 MB
  • New: more filetype identification (XML, mp3, 3gp, EPOC, jpg, ...)


TODOs: Help me to help you!

Version, Datum Problem/ Aim Task/Research Author/Contact DONE
V. 0.2.3, 15.01.2007 Symbian file format not interpreted but it should be. Now only plain Symbian OS files will be exported. Due to nokia is using now Symbian OS, data files in nfb backup files will be stored in this format. Older Versions of Nokia OS used plain text to store i.e. contacts. Unfortunately I am not jet familiar to this specific Symbian-OS file types. So I need the documentation of SymbianOS data format: Contacts, Schedules, etc. If I recieve this Information I will do interpretation of data files to extract contact data, aso. VE -

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